21357qz5g2ma9my 7 Great Copywriting Tips We’re happy you’re still with us. In this series of articles, you will get 21 most effective copywriting tips to increase your sales revenue with your copywriting. To give you a recap, 14 copywriting tips were already published in the previous article. Those tips gave you an insight on how to make your copy better. Eventually you will discover that this copy will turn into sales if you have taken the right steps.

We’ll now go on with the last 7 copywriting tips of this series. Enjoy!

  1. Use storytelling. People respond to stories of success and achievement. A story about how your product solved a problem triggers your visitor’s interest. It also increases the response to your call to action.
  2. Write in active voice. Passive voice is boring and you might lose readers before they have the chance to be convinced.
  3. Provide examples from your personal history or facts to show empathy to your reader’s problems. This will increase their trust in your product and in you. It will also increase the sales of your copywriting for sure.
  4. Avoiding repetition is one of the most important copywriting tip. Repeating yourself over and over again is more than annoying. It will only turn your visitors away and harm your call to action.
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Why You’re Not Earning Money From Your Blog — How To Fix It Why You’re Not Earning Money From Your Blog — How To Fix It Do you have your own blog and are you making money from it? Read this post and find out the many reasons why you’re not able to profit from your blog effectively. We’ve broken down the reasons into categories to see which of these your blog falls under and what you can do about it.

Why Do People Blog?

There are plenty of answers to this question. Some do it for purposes of sharing their own experiences to motivate other people. Others take a more personal approach and use blogs to help people by offering their insights on specific topics. It can also be due to self-gratification.

These days, many people use a blog as a vehicle to make money online. It’s easier and more lucrative to profit from blogging. But that’s if you use this powerful vehicle correctly. If not, then you’ll end up with nothing from it.

While you want your readers to comment, like, or share your content, you’ll always want to get one ultimate goal. That’s to convert your readers into customers. That’s when you make money from it.

So, why aren’t you making money from your blog?

There are four main reasons that contribute to this ill-fated situation. Are you ready to explore these problems and provide solutions for them?

Here we go.
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Basic Copywriting Tips for Beginners

basic copywriting Are you a beginner in the copywriting field? Do you want to start writing copy for yourself or do you just want to know how to communicate your needs to an outside copywriter? In this article you’re going to find out the secrets of basic copywriting. You can use this articles as a starting point in understanding basic copywriting. Define your target audience. Do not start writing before you find out who your target audience are. Imagine you are talking to just one person in your copy.

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SEO Copywriting Tips for Creating Effective Advertisements

SEO Copywriting Tips for Creating Effective Advertisements If you are managing a business online, it is essential that you have good SEO copywriting skills. This will give you an advantage not only in terms of increasing your website traffic, but also to promote your products or services. Promoting your business online also includes reaching out to your target audience as well as the search engines.

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Fast Start Facebook Coaching Program with Jen Sheahan

Fast Start Facebook Coaching Program with Jen Sheahan It is projected that billions of dollars will be spent on Facebook advertising for the coming year. As a result, hundreds of thousands of leads are expected to be generated. Do you want to become a part of it? Jen Sheahan manages the Facebook campaigns for some of the biggest names in the online world. You can now get the chance to use the same methods, strategies, and techniques to achieve amazing results for your own Facebook marketing campaign. Join FB Fast Start and learn how to generate thousands of leads in no time.

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5 Marketing Copywriting Tips That Will Increase Your Audience Online

marketing copywriting Marketing copywriting is one of the simplest ways to promote your website. It uses relevant and original content to promote your business, products or services in detail. This will attract your audience and make them take the action that you desire. So many things have been said about the social sharing of content. Aside from encouraging people to interact, it also helps to spread your content. Businesses who are becoming more interested in social sharing allow them to become publishers in one way or another.

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