writing+copywriting Basic Copywriting Tips for Beginners Are you a beginner in the copywriting field?

Do you want to start writing copy for yourself or do you just want to know how to communicate your needs to an outside copywriter?

In this article you’re going to find out the secrets of basic copywriting. You can use this articles as a starting point in understanding basic copywriting.

Secrets of Basic Copywriting

Define your target audience. Do not start writing before you find out who your target audience are. Imagine you are talking to just one person in your copy. This means your copy needs to be conversational and responds to the needs, questions and objections that a person may have. This is so crucial in basic copywriting. Therefore, use the word “YOU” as much as possible.

Here are the questions that you should keep in mind before starting your copy.

  • Who is going to buy your product?
  • What are the particularities of this audience?
  • What are their habits, language, style, persuasion methods?

Create an attention grabbing headline. The headline makes the difference for your readers between choosing to read the article or not. It is said that only 20% of the readers actually read more than the headline. Basic copywriting pushes you to make sure your headline is catchy and features the right message. It is hard but mandatory in excellent copywriting.
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In the previous article about basic copywriting, we talked a bit about the importance of knowing your audience and the key structural elements of copy. We shall continue now with providing you with  more in depth knowledge about basic Copywriting.

9 Basic Copywriting Tips

1224728 hanging notepads How to Write Copywriting That Sells

  1. In any copy, you should keep the same tone, preferably neutral. And be as clear as possible. Otherwise, you will confuse your reader and you won’t make the sale if your not clear.
  2. Make your copy easy to read and understand. Even 10 years old’s should be able to get what you are saying. No fancy or weird words – another rule in basic copywriting.
  3. Use short sentences. One or two word sentences are not at all uncommon in good copywriting. The length of a normal sentence should not be more than 16 words. If you want to keep the attention you grabbed from your readers.
  4. Formatting: again, keep it simple. No fancy, hard to read typing, no disturbing colours. Simple is key in basic copywriting.
  5. Your copy needs to convince, not fascinate. Because of that, use more action-oriented verbs than adjectives. Sort, punchy, expressive sentences are the preferred ones.
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Learning the ABC’s of Marketing Copywriting

marketing copywriting basics If you have been in the business for long time, you can afford to hire copywriting services to do your marketing copywriting. The help of a professional can make a big difference in the results you want to achieve from your marketing copywriting. Hiring a professional copywriter may be the best choice but not for all. Not everyone can afford to do so, especially for start-up businesses. If you fall under that category, there is no need to worry. There are other alternatives for you to create good marketing copywriting without the help of a professional copywriter.

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Fast Start Facebook Coaching Program with Jen Sheahan

Fast Start Facebook Coaching Program with Jen Sheahan It is projected that billions of dollars will be spent on Facebook advertising for the coming year. As a result, hundreds of thousands of leads are expected to be generated. Do you want to become a part of it? Jen Sheahan manages the Facebook campaigns for some of the biggest names in the online world. You can now get the chance to use the same methods, strategies, and techniques to achieve amazing results for your own Facebook marketing campaign. Join FB Fast Start and learn how to generate thousands of leads in no time.

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Copywriting Guidelines for Beginners

Copywriting Guidelines for Beginners As the web continue to grow and gets to be a highly effective selling tool, increasingly more companies are utilizing web copywriting to showcase their product. Web copywriting is fine and dandy. But because of so many businesses with an online presence, there is inadequate copywriting along with excellent content on the market. Keep away from these flaws by reading through to learn how to produce web copywriting that can improve your profits. (1) Use testimonials. These are proven successes of your product and will help you a great deal in selling it again.

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The Power of a Call to Action in your Social Media Strategy

social media You often see and read the words “call to action” in any form of copywriting. It usually refers to:
- a phrase on how you want your audience to maintain or increase their current activities on your website
- a sentence that tells your audience the contact details of your company, e.g., a phone number or email address
- a paragraph that details the steps on how they can purchase your offer online

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