buynow How To Create an Effective Call to Action for Your Email Copywriting An email marketing campaign is a marketing strategy where you design a targeted message through email copywriting. The goal is to attract new customers, build trust and convert them into paying customers. One of the key elements to successful email copywriting is a clear and concise call to action.

What is a Call to Action in Email Copywriting?

A call to action is when you prompt your reader to take the action you desired. This could be anything such as clicking your link, getting a report or making a purchase. The point is that it makes your readers perform a specific request. An effective call to action can boost your business and product sales.

So what does it take to make an effective Call to Action on your Email Copywriting?

  1. The Headline:  What does your headline tell your readers to do?

    When your reader sees your email, you need to convince them quickly that you are offering something they need. Do not confuse your readers by writing different products or offers in the subject line of your email copywriting. Write a compelling headline that will capture their attention and interest.

  2. The Product Image:  Are you using the right product image?

    Your email copywriting must come with the right product shot. People are drawn to images and it easily creates emotion. This can increase your response rate by 20-30%. Adding images on your email copywriting will keep your reader’s attention longer.

  3. The Testing:  Have you tested your email copywriting?

    Most email service provider will offer you to split-test your email campaigns. That is why you have to come up with at least 10 variations of your email copywriting to see which one will work best. Usually 5 or 7 changes will bring an improvement on your email copywriting that produces great results.

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116362453 4 Subject Lines to Boost your Email Copywriting Do you know the importance of a subject line to your email copywriting?

Aside from the sender’s address, most people decide whether to open and read an email by just a glance at the subject line. Like any form of copywriting, this can make or break the copy you have made.

In fact, it is even worse for email copywriting. With just one click, your email can either end up being opened or go straight to the trash folder. You don’t want the latter option do you?

So here are four ideal subject lines that are proven to boost the open rate of your email copywriting:

  1. The “HOW TO”

    This subject line is very specific because it offers a promise to reveal and inform “how to” achieve a particular benefit. The “How To” subject line works well for email copywriting because people want a solution to their problems. That is why it is not impossible to get your emails opened with this subject line.


    Using “fascinations” for your subject line are very powerful because it motivates your recipients to discover an answer. It manipulates the curiosity of people so to speak. Some of the words you can use on your email copywriting to fascinate readers are “Secrets,” “Discover” and “Amazing.”

  3. The “LIST”

    People in general love to read “lists” because it is a convenient way to read summaries. Most readers prefer easy, quick and bits of information that a list can provide. Using list for your email copywriting delivers more value instead of chunks of paragraph, even if both contain the same information.

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