97541937 How to Keep Your Site Visitors Through Copywriting If you want your business to be competitive online, you have to apply various SEO and copywriting strategies. This will help optimize your content and make your website visible in search engines. The more visible your website is, the more visitors you’ll get.

However, you don’t want your audience to simply visit your site, read your content, and leave just like that. You also want them to visit and check your other posts. Encouraging your audience using additional copywriting strategies is a great way to encourage repeat visiting.

So, how can you make people come back for more? Here are some copywriting techniques you can use:

  1. Link to Similar Posts Within and After. If your readers find your content or blog post informative and useful, they will certainly want to read more posts that are similar to it. You can do this in two ways:

    • Linking Within. Place links on related articles within the post, so they can learn more about a specific topic.
    • Linking After. You can suggest similar articles and place their links after the post, so they can easily click and go to it.
  2. Create a Series. Writing a series of articles can increase page views and encourage repeat visits from your readers. This copywriting technique attracts them to finish reading your series, so they can get complete information from it.
  3. Feature your Previous Posts. Making a compilation of posts is a great way to showcase your older yet successful articles. One way to do this is to make a list of blog posts according to category or popularity.
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37604m409s05mlq 7 Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Dollar To begin with, if you are starting to dream of your marketing scheme in your sleep, you may be tempted to produce a new ad out of monotony. However, if the ads are still working and are still correct, there is no reason to retire them. Keep them in use as long as they justify their existence with sales.

1. If your marketing ad is still valuable, just leave it as it is but make sure that the information is updated.

If you are familiar of the Ludlow Corp, take that as an example. Ludlow ran an ad for a landscaping product more than 40 times in the same publication. After over ten years, it was obtaining more responses on all copy just as when it was first published in the sixties.

2. Abstain yourself from being obsessed with the competition in the market.

Some owners trick out their marketing plot to match the rivalry. But before you send out leather-bound copies of the company history, consider if the effect is worth it. Better to let competitors drive themselves to ruin with fancy materials than to join them in a race to the bottom.

3. Learn the use of modular materials to lessen the marketing cost.

What if your product needs to be promoted to markets with different needs? You must be aware that new materials for each market would cost you a lot.
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