hot topics HOT TOPICS Social media tools have become increasingly popular these days. Not just for those people who want to keep in touch with their friends or families, but also for various businesses who want to establish their own brands online. There are a variety of social media tools that will help streamline your process of connecting and interacting with your prospects and customers.

Types of Social Media Tools

Social Networking is one of the most well known social medium. Facebook and Twitter are the leading social networking sites with millions of active users every day. These sites allow companies to create their profiles, share images and provide useful information in order to connect with others who share the same interests. It also helps businesses to build their own community online. LinkedIn on the other hand is often referred to as a professional networking site. This is because it allows companies to create their professional profiles and connect with potential business partners or clients and employees.

Social Bookmarking is also a popular social media tool. It helps you organize all your favorite websites. This tool also allows you to tag sites with relevant keywords which you can store in one convenient location. Delicious is a site that makes easy to share favorite links with your followers. Creating tags for saved links will make it easier to search the site for content that your followers are most interested in.

Social Recommendation sites are the ideal social media tool for analytical users. These sites combine the connection features of social networking and the benefits of bookmarking and link sharing. It creates a system for sharing and rating content online. Digg is a site that allows you to submit an interesting article or link which users can rate on what has been shared.

Social Content refers to social media tools where you can upload, share and view different types of content such as videos and photos. Social mediums like YouTube and Flickr makes it easy for users to upload and share photos with the use of different devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras.

Blogging is the most favorite social medium of most business owners and marketers. It enables them to get their thoughts, opinions and interests make known to the public in a basic format. A blog is also a great way to subtly market and provide information about your products or services. WordPress is an excellent blogging platform where you can draft posts on your chosen topics and upload photos as well.

As the Internet continues to expand, more types of social media tools will eventually rise and gain more popularity. To know more about these hot topics, check out our related articles below.

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